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[IP] Re: Kids, pumps and camp

In a message dated 07/28/2000 2:18:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< If you let them win, we will always be turned away and
 Kevin >>


I said nothing about letting "them" win. What I was TRYING to say is that 
approaching things from a more positive frame of mind can soemthimes work 
wonders. My son was the FIRST child in our area with an insulin pump and I 
fully understood the apprehension of EVERYONE who came in contact with him. 

Educating FIRST in a positive manner and making yourself available(which can 
be a large pain in the neck) go along way towards stopping misconceptions 
about pumps and diabetes in general. We have taught more people what is 
entailed in this disease in the last six years just by the pure display of 
what's involved than we ever would have by making them angry and unreceptive.

I have two children( a girl and a boy) with D who are active in EVERYTHING. 
They not only attend diabetes camp, but girl and cub scout camp, play 
baseball ,softball, basketball and soccer. My usual approach is to let the 
people in charge know and to also let them know that I'll hang around if 
they're uncomfortable(I love to cheer my kids on anyway:-) ) It usually 
doesn't take long for the adults in charge to understand what my kids needs 
are and they're less apprehensive in the long run because they know we 
support their and our children's efforts. When someone DOESN"T get it, after 
my best efforts, then I don't hesitate to fight. I just can't see wasting 
negative energy until I know that a positive approach has been fruitless.

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