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Re: [IP] other supplies for sale- was - For Sale: MM 507C

Actually pump supplies are to be gotten by RX only as per the packaging
statement. Tests strips, Velosulin and other insulins at least in GA can be
bought without an RX except for humalog which one needs a RX for.
In some states one needs a RX to get syringes. Here in GA we do not need an
RX to get syringes but in Illinois one does need a RX. I think syringes
vary from state to state.
Blood glucose machines can be bought without a RX but glucagon needs a RX.
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>> I don't think we are supposed to "help out" others by
>> giving/sharing  prescription supplies to those in need
>> either.  It's a good to be reminded of this though for those
>> who are not aware of it.  However, lots of us do share our
>> supplies and I have yet to hear of anyone on the IP list
>> prosecuted for it.  In fact, someone on the list just helped
>> me out by sending me some supplies until my new ins. kicks
>> in. (thanks to Jenny) I hope prosecutors have better things
>> to do than prosecute diabetics for helping other diabetics
>> or selling their extra insulin pump.  I think those criminal
>> codes are meant for criminals who traffic prescriptions as a
>> career.  Of course, it's still against the law but in this
>> case it doesn't bother me one bit.  It's against the law to
>> jay walk and I do that too.  I guess I am the countries most
>> wanted criminal diabetic pumper . . . thanks Sherry for the
>> reminder though.
>> Santana
>Remember many items are OTC, perscriptions are needed ONLY to get the
>ins.companies to pay for them.

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