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RE: [IP] For Sale: MM 507C

Actually- selling used pumps is a gray area of the law I was told. I bought my first one used from a private individual because we could not afford a new one and insurance would not cover it. And the company even covered the warranty for me as I called them and asked. And they did :) They are for sale in the newspaper periodically.  People move up to newer pumps and thier old pumps are still good so what are they suppose to do with them?
Just my opinion from experience. If I ever needed a medical device that insurance would not cover I would go and buy one used. My first pump saved my life. My M.D knew this was the only way we could afford one. I would be dead by now if we didn't do this.
I think the FDA needs to loosen up a bit on some of these things.
Remember TENS units? They used to be only by RX and now I can go to any medical supply store and buy one now for 89.00 the same brand that cost us 500 plus 10 years ago plus we needed an RX. But now people don't need one for the TENS.
Ginny-hoping things will lighten up a little.
email @ redacted

At 03:39 PM 07/27/2000 -0400, you wrote:

It is illegal to sell prescription only products to anyone.
Since pumps are a prescription only medical device, you could be
criminally charged.  Just wanted to give a heads up on this.

-- Sherry

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