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[IP] Which is Best?

Pumpers & Friends,
    As I sit in ER one more time; I'm thinking about some of the questions
that have been asked of me in chat. What pump do you use? A. The best one
for me. Which pump  is the best? A. The one that does the things I need to
do to kept me alive. Pump Wars are the Fights of Fools, for any pump is
better than no pump. What I tell everyone is  you need to do before you get
a pump is write down the things you need  or want in a pump then  find the
pump that meets those  needs. I have used just about every pump made from
the Auto-Syringe to MM508 & D H-Tron Plus and everyone was the best one for
me at that time in my life. If I had to go back to a Auto-Syringe pump it
would-be the best pump for me; for I have been train and know how to get
this pump to do the things i need it to do to kept me alive. Most of the
pumps today have the same type of programming as what you can do with
them(they deliver insulin). With one pump you may need to a few more steps
to get it to do the things you need  BUT SO WHAT. For with a pump you have
the tool you need to make your life better. Do I need a pump that has: a
remote, is waterproof, that vibrating, has a backlight, multi-profiles, and
talk to my computer......MAYBE.....can I get by without those things ...YES.
    What is the problem today with a great many pumper is they had forgotten
or were not taught the skills and working of their pump. I know I'm from
the old school of pumpers. He** I still have the paperwork on how to mix
insulin to get basal rate that I needed. I still go over with doctor, nurse,
and CDE  on how to do a blood sugar, what to do with BS numbers, do a site
changes, programming my pump, what to do IF!!!.....pump fails, is lost,
infusion set is pulled out(do you know how to reuse a needle set?) , if you
ran out of insulin(and you forgot you back-up kit), what supplies I need,
who to call if, check my standing orders(ER letter) and what to do if I must
go back on shots  Once a year I sit down and review all of the things with
MD,RN, PA, CDE. They always ask why because I need to be checked  and it
makes me feel better to know I have a plan and I'm doing things right. I can
do a blood sugar, pump change and check all in about 5 minutes then about 15
minutes to go over plan of action, supplies, ER letter paperwork and What
IF? I had Great people train me many years ago.... I know the things I need
to know, and I have a plan.
    On Monday I will have a CTscan of my chest and stomach, something did
not look right on x-ray I had. I will have my thumb cut next month if CT
scan is ok. I'm tried of the pain and it locking up all the time. ER visit
got IV fixed (had some fun to BS dropped to 45 so I got to yell my head off
at everyone; because they didn't check it until I told them they need too.
Girlfriend told me I was just being mean to the poor ER staff. :-) maybe).
So ........................................

p.s.:next week I will be away from Wednesday until Sunday.... I will be at
diabetic camp I'm helping to run

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