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[IP] Basal rates question

Okay.  I am playing phone tag with a pump trainer from Mini-Med as well as my
doctor. My doctor's receptionist said he "may" be able to see my on August
15th.  I have had my pump for over a week, and I want to use it!  I have
watched the video several times and read the book, but I'm a little wary of
trying to set my own basal rates.
According to the book, since I have been taking injections of 67 units per
day, I should decrease this by 25%, then decrease that by half, then divide by
24 hours.  That gives me 1.04 units.  That seems high.  I tried another
formula by my weight.  DONT REPEAT THIS, but I am almost at 160 pounds right
now.  If I did that right, then I think the rate should be 0.6.  That's a lot
of difference! 1.04 or 0.6.  I am getting very impatient with these people,
but I may also be too much of a chicken to try this on my own.
Any one have any math corrections for me, or advice?

Sherry C, Bowling Green, KY
My pump is sitting in the corner gathering dust.

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