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Re: [IP] Confession

     I dont hide behind my disease at all! If someone is curious about the
pump I am more than happy to tell them about it as well as inform them on
symptoms of diabetes.  I have given talks to girl scouts and other groups as
well. Im glad you get along so well with your extended family that you have
never felt the need to excuse yourself from a family function. I just though
it was nicer for me to  do that then to outright tell them I dont want to be
here because I cant stand being around certain members that were attending.
It actually saved hurt feelings, not the opposite! And I also went back when
the party I didnt get along with left.
     As for you thinking its distasteful, thats your right. No one is asking
you to do it.  As my late father would say "To each his/her own".

> It's unfortunate that you can't be honest. Hiding behind your disease
causes problems for all of us that have the intestinal fortitude to be
honest with ourselves and those around us. Dauna, your in-laws think your
pump isn't very dependable and Jim, those around you think your abusive
behavor is because of your disease. That puts all of us in an unfortunate
> I, personally, find this very distasteful.
> David

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