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[IP] MM infusion sets

Hi, Todd.

>< MM would probably never consider reducing their prices on their supplies 
>or repackaging to reduce the excess tubing, it is to profitable for them 
>to sell it the way they have it now. >
>... they surely won't do so if we don't complain about it! That's why 
>Bonnie and I (and I hope some others??!) wrote our first letters and then 
>the follow up with the extra sets of tubing as an incentive.

I corresponded with Bonnie and others on this subject in March. I 
wholeheartedly agree that we should be able to purchase cannulas separately 
at a reasonable price.

>It's to their advantage (read: profit!) to keep us happy--there are other 
>games in town...

It's a simple quality question, since a simple definition of quality is 
"the ability of a product or service to satisfy the needs of the customer".

>But it would help if more folks joined in and wrote letters!

I agree with the goal, but I'm not as convinced about the strategy that's 
been adopted to achieve it. The pump suppliers will likely be quite 
reluctant to repackage if it impacts their profit. However, they can most 
certainly be convinced to do so -- but probably not directly by pump users. 
Why? Because we're not the ultimate source of their revenue -- the INSURERS 
are. IMHO, the *insurers* need to be contacted. Once they realize how much 
money _they_ can save, the pump suppliers will be "made an offer they can't 

I'd be very willing to work with Bonnie, you and others on a "committee" of 
users that would work together to inform the pump suppliers, users, and the 
insurers of the potential savings so that we can purchase what we need 
without waste.

regards, Andy

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