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[IP] Newbie question about bagels and spaghetti

Do different foods absorb differently thus changing the result of the bg 2-3
hours after eating. I have been on the pump for 6 months and have noticed
that certain foods like bagels and spaghetti seem to make my bg higher.
Please anyone send suggestions as to where to look for the info on this I am

In short to your query is YES
Bagels which I dearly love myself have a very high glycemic index and cause
my bg's to go way up quickly unless they are topped with fatty spreads like
chopped whitefish salad (yumm) Spaghetti has a low glycemic index but for me
is very hard to estimate how much I'm eating.When they give the amounts for
spaghetti in the books, it's dry measure. As you know spaghetti swells up a
lot when you cook it I find it real hard to estimate what I'm eating. Again
if there is fat in the sauce it will slow absorption of carbs. Spot and
Christine who miss good bagels here in Philadelphia. Nothing like NYC or
Northern NJ bagels! One book which is quite good is Lea Anne Holtzmeister
"The diabetes carbohydrate and fat gram guide An ADA book ISBN0-945448-75-9
Obtainable from the ADA Order code:4708-01 or Amazon.com If you buy the
bagels from a store they may know the Carbs but many don't know and don't
care. The bagels you buy at the bagel store are typically 7 oz bagels when
you weigh them!

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