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Re: [IP] Re: prednisolone

Trish: I hate that you are going thru all this for cataract surgery.  I have 
been a certified Ophth. Tech for 15 yrs.  The Econopred (steroid) will not 
raise you BG.  I have used it many times with eye problems with no 
consequences.  We used it on all our pts. following surgery and never had one 
diabetic have an increase in Bgs.
You will actually be in surgery probably 15 mins if you are having the no 
stitch, no patch, no anth. type surgery.  This is the most up to date and the 
risk factors with this surgery are very low. 96/100 have good, quick results. 
The op kit which you received has these items in it which may or may not be 
needed. I am sure the doctor will explain your instructions to you or 
probably his asst. will.
My Ophth is thrilled to have a pt on the pump as these Diabetics no longer 
have to be scheduled as the 1st pt.  They can control their BG's very well. 
etc. etc.
They heal better with their improved control.  There is just no reason at all 
to remove your pump!  The nurse (?) was obviously not educated regarding the 
pump.  Hopefully your doctor will know that the pump can and should stay put.
You may email me privately if you like.  
I promise you that with the new type of surgery most have an excellent 
result. Please let me know how you do and please don't get stressed out about 
it.  It will not be a big deal.  Let me know if I can help.  Jackie P
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