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   Wow - what a tale! I recall one of the moms I know talking about how her 
now 19 yr old daughter ( dx'd at 2) would periodically (like every 18 months) 
enter a phase in which her bgs stubbornly stayed in the 400-500s no matter 
what they tried. She had been a pumper, but when this scenario recurred this 
past year (while she was away at college) she finally went off the pump & 
resumed injections, which resolved the problem. She's extremely athletic and 
muscular and her medical team felt she was part of that small percentage of 
very athletic pumpers whose absorption eventually becomes problematic. 
Obviously, her body is also predisposed to resist the insulin periodically.
   No resolutions for you either - but maybe knowing you're not alone may 
help!! And having you clarify all that you did in a futile attempt to rectify 
this should be insightful to posters who wondered why you hadn't tried 
various remedies (but you had!)

Regards, Renee
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