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I have received numerous questions about my last post regarding my high bg
levels.  I have been asked to explain why they remained high for so long and
if I changed my set an so on...so here goes

I did change my set, various times. I also changed my insulin bottle.  I
have never had a bottle go bad but I have read alot here about it so I
thought it might could happen.

		>>No matter how much insulin I gave or how much I upped my basils it was
still high.
I had a Urinary Trac Infection and the doc says that an infection like that
causes a significant rise in bg levels until the infection is gone.  I
doubled my basils, just about, and my insulin ratio.  Normally I might take
8 units to bring down a high (depending on how high)and I took 12 instead.
They still didn't go down.  I kept checking the normal 6 (at least) times a
day. I also tested pumpy to make sure he was working correctly and he was.

This has happened to me one other time too. Last time it only took my 2 days
before I was so bad off it hurt to walk.  I forgot about the last episode
until this morning when I was thinking about how to answer all the questions
I kept receiving.  When I had an infection last November (possibly the flu
that was going around) my insulin just stopped working or it wasn't as
potent.  I must have injected  15 to 20 units, which is alot for me to take
at one time, 3 or 4 times in one day.  That afternoon my dr. wanted me to go
to the hospital but I didn't want to.  I felt I could treat it by myself.
By that night I was calling him and telling him to meet me at the ER.

		>>The past 7 days have been h*** and there was really no advice that could
have helped get my levels down.
The docs couldn't explain to me why my body slows down on the insulin
absorption when I have a serious infection, it just does from some odd
reason.    That time I was put in ICU for 2 days.  This time I felt like I
could handle it.  True, a nice saline and insulin IV would have worked
faster, maybe.  But I am a very stubborn person and I DO NOT do the hospital
thing very well.  Our hospital here is not well known for knowing what they
are doing.  So I handled it myself.

Sorry I don't have too much info for y'all but I hope I cleared up any
questions from my last post
 ( I am so happy to have so many friends (IPers) that truly care)

Melissa and pumpy

Melissa Howell
ECN Coordinator
(252) 235-6425

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