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[IP] Choices

SNIP>>>>>But it would help if more folks joined in and wrote letters!
Thanks! Todd<<<<<<

It sure would help.  Todd, seems like you and I are the only people with
left over, paid for tubing.  Do you think because insurance pays for it,
people don't care?  I have to pay for mine...and it is painful to my meager
pocketbook to throw out so many packages of tubing, untouched - or send to
Al Mann.  Selling silhouettes in separate packaging is a CHOICE for MM.
They can tell their manufacturer how they want it.    Manufacturer's
recommendations are valid and important, but they are just that,

Clorox recommends you use rubber gloves when you use their product, but we
don't have to buy a pair with every bottle....there must be more closely
related analogies.   Ah, BD says disposable syringes are to be used only one
time.  Mine were always good for 3-4 times, sometimes more.  My pocket book
and pain level determined my purchasing choices.  

I truly believe that because of pump users sincere concern in gaining good
control of our bgs, we will not mis-use the tubing and cannulas..I mean
after about two uses the reservoirs are usually not functioning as well and
our bgs go up.  Our concern is high bg and infection, that is the only
danger I can think of with not changing tubing often enough and who wants

But when I have 3-4 bad sites within a 9-10 hour period (more or less) or
get a gusher and blood in cannula, or one goes in and soon hurts (you know
it is going to be bad one) I end up with the pile of tubing.   I will
probably always have more tubing than cannulas..... there is no way to guess
how many times I will have to change fairly new site.  Three to one sounds
pretty good to me.    

However, I will continue to be assertive in my right to purchase these items
separately.    I hope those of you are concerned with dollars and choice
will join me. 

Bonnie Richardson

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