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[IP] microalbumin

     I once had a false postive on a 24 hr collection, 240 I think, 6 
     months are diagonsis with type 1.  Possible, causes of the false 
     postive, collesting during that time of month, lab said  " blood won't 
     affect the test" (blood is a protein of sorts, isn't it?) , and also, 
     I taught the advanced aerobic class during the collection day, 
     (intense exercise can cause almost anyone to spill a bit). My doc at 
     the time immediately put me on an ace inhibitor and didn't even think 
     of rerunning the test to confirm the results. He then told me, that it 
     was probably due to having type 1 for years before diagnosis, (changed 
     docs immediately).  I retested with my new doc and came it at 9. Went 
     off the meds and retested 3 months latter, 7.  
     Now before I test, I make sure that I don't do any intense exercise 
     starting 2 days before and it's no where near that time of the month.
     ate: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 08:53:09 EDT
     From: email @ redacted
     Subject: [IP] microalbumin in the urine
     This morning I've been reading the latest posts regarding microalbumin 
     with a lot of interest.  My son Eric is 14.  He has had diabetes since 
     he was 20 months old.  His control has always been pretty good.  The 
     highest AlC he ever had was 8.3.  Prepump AlCs were usually in the mid 
     7's.  Since he's been on the pump they've been 7.3, 7.0, 6.7, 7.0 
     which I think is pretty good for a kid in puberty.  
     The past 2 endo visits, he has shown microalbumin in his urine.  Last 
     night we did a 12 hour urine collection to be tested.  I'm freaking 
     out.  The doctor says that she thinks it's probably a false positive 
     and the 12 hour test will be ok.  She says it is extremely rare to see 
     kidney problems in a kid this young that has been in good control.  
     I'm praying she's right.
     Has anyone on the list had positive random tests and negative longer 
     (12 or 24 hour) tests?
     Pat McComas
     email @ redacted
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