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Re: [IP] Re: Pumps for sale

At 11:54 PM 7/27/00 Richard Aleksander wrote:
 >I'm inspired by pumpers who determined they would have the tools to
 >intensively control their diabetes against despite financial obstacles
 >including not having insurance.  Conversely, I'm not too impressed by
 >diabetics who don't control their diabetes.

I assume that you meant those diabetics that don't even try to control 
their disease. That's because some of us have a difficult time 
"controlling" this disease even when using our best efforts and all the 
tools available. I know that I can do and eat the same things on two 
different days and have a totally different BG level afterwards. It's a 
constant battle. At the same time Humalog doesn't peak for me until about 3 
hours. Makes it real frustrating. I wonder if I can trade my body in for 
the newer model?? I hear that version 2.06 is real swift :-)

(who's still stuck with the old version 1.0 body)

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