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Re: [IP] Re: Pumps for sale


My 506 had about 18 months left on the warranty period when I purchased it for
about $2,700 Canadian - about US$1,800 - This included about 18 months worth of
soft sets and reservoirs. The 507C had 3.5 years of warranty left on its when I
purchased it for $2,000 Canadian - about US$1400.

I had no real problems with either purchase. We exchanged emails and discussed
the matter and then spoke on the telephone to make mutually satisfactory
arrangements for payment and shipping of the pumps. In each case I checked with
MM on the warranty period remaining on the pump to confirm both ownership of
the seller and the statements about the age of the pump.

On the first pump, the seller, an American, mailed the supplies and on receipt
I sent him the money and then he mailed the pump. On the 507C we talked on the
phone and I sent him the money by direct deposit into his bank account in
Ottawa Ontario at my bank in my home town in Saskatchewan and he mailed the
pump to me the same day. The email exchanges and telephone conversations were
required because in both instances we each were taking a risk on the honestly
of the other.

In terms of the pumps themselves, I have had no more problems with either of
them that MM has not been prepared to respond to very quickly. My 504 began to
eat a set of batteries every week or so. MM FEDEXed me a replacement pump after
my Tuesday evening call . The replacement arrived on Thursday at 9 am..
Fantastic service! I've had no problems at all with my 507C.

BTW, in each case my Dr. provided a prescription for delivery to MM to transfer
the warranty. My Dr. also arranged for the needed training with the first pump.

The biggest fear I had, after I confirmed the age and warranty status of the
pump with MM, was payment and delivery worries. That is the major risk involved
in a purchase over the Internet. I suppose you could send half the price before
getting the pump and half the price on receipt then each side is taking
equivalent risk. It's really a matter of trusting the 'sound' of the other
side. I've had very good luck.

Sorry I went on at such great length.

Gary Marlin

Richard Aleksander wrote:

> I'm inspired by pumpers who determined they would have the tools to
> intensively control their diabetes against despite financial obstacles
> including not having insurance.  Conversely, I'm not too impressed by
> diabetics who don't control their diabetes.
> Now, my insurance paid for my pump and all the trimmings, but I pay over 8
> hundred dollars a month for the privilege, mostly because of diabetes
> underwriting.  Am I smart or dumb?
> Question:  You who bought your pumps out-of-pocket:  How much did you pay
> for your pumps?  How old were they?  Any used equipment-type problems?  Any
> thoughts or advice to others thinking of buying a used  pump?
> Richard

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