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Re: [IP] Lancets for Dinner, Anyone?

Hi Jeanne

I got this from insulin pumpers group - could you imagine someone not 
knowing and following instructions - boy what a big lawsuit they would have

>A few months ago, I moved a few of my Rx's to a national
>mail-order pharmacy.  The scrip's were for a new lancet
>device,  B-D Ultrafine II Lancets and control solution.  One
>of the "value added" services was an information sheet for
>each product, which properly noted the name of the item sent
>and which contained the following excerpts - same for all
>three items [my editorial comments are noted in brackets]:
>"Common Uses:  ..used to treat high blood pressure"
>[Presumably all those finger sticks helps to lower the blood
>pressure -might help if you check bg's every few minutes.]
>"How To Use This Medicine: ..SWALLOW WHOLE.  Do not break,
>crush or chew before swallowing."  [A difficult task for all
>but the most experienced diabetic lancet device swallowers -
>Do I swallow those lancets with the tops on or off?  Can I
>wash em down with a little swig of 70/30 or maybe a little
>control solution?]
>"Cautions:  If you experience dry mouth, use sugarless candy
>or gum, or melt bits of ice in your mouth."  [After chewing
>a few lancets, a bit of ice would be a good advice.  Don't
>think sugarless gum would help after chugging some control
>"If you plan on becoming pregnant, discuss the benefits and
>risks of using this medicine during pregnancy." [Is that
>because the lancets are annoying to the baby or because the
>child might grow up to enjoy walking on beds of nails?]
>"This medicine is excreted in breast milk." [Ouch--no
>"Possible Side Effects:  dry
>mouth..dizziness..headache..constipation."  [I should think
>"If side effects are bothersome, check with your doctor."
>[Perhaps the ER would be better!]
>When I called the pharmacy, customer service rep asked what
>the problem was with the instructions [duh!].  A letter to
>the firm's management, however, got their attention -
>imagine the lawsuits if someone tried to ingest the control
>solution thinking that it would control their
>bg's.....Pharmacy has since corrected the "helpful"
>information sheet.  I couldn't believe that this would
>actual have been sent to a patient!
>Pump Daddy
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