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[IP] Re: prednisolone

This relates to the steroid thread.
With great fear & trembling, I have scheduled my cataract surgery for 8/9.  
At my set-up visit a few days ago, I was given a snazzy kit with all sorts of 
instructions, dark glasses that resemble a welding helmet, a hockey-puck 
shaped thing with holes in it to cover my eye at night, and several sorts of 
drops, along w/Rx for antiboitic drops.  I finally read the ingredients on 
the other drops, most of which are samples of various brands of artificial 
tears.  But one of them is something called Econopred Plus 1% (Prednisolone 
Acetate 1%) Ophthalmic Solution.  This is a steroid.  It sounds like a tiny 
amount, and it goes in the eye, but nevertheless I want to know if it could 
affect my BG.  Does anyone have any experience with this stuff?  (Of course 
the stress is going to have to count, probably will do more.)

Also I want to vent.  I was told in my consultation with the ophth. nurse not 
to take my insulin the morning of the surgery.  No food or water after 
midnight the night before, no breakfast, and no insulin.  I had already 
explained the pump to her, briefly.  She told me I'd have to remove it.  I 
sat there for a second thinking uh-oh, here we go, and the brilliant response 
I made was, "Um, no."  Whereupon she launched into a story about some patient 
they'd had who took her insulin blah-blah couldn't do the surgery had to run 
for orange juice blah blah.  I asked if this particular patient was on the 
pump and monitoring her BG, and tried to point out the difference.  I 
explained patiently that since all I get is humalog and it is out of my 
system quickly that without the pump my BG will become very high very 
quickly, etc.  I also explained that I intended to do alot of extra 
monitoring before, after  the procedure.  She counters, icily, that she has 
been to nursing school and knows what the actions of insulin are.  Yes, I 
said, then you would understand why my going off the pump during the entire 
morning and during surgery etc. would be problematic.  I added that surely 
she also understood how important it was for me to keep my BG 
tightly-controlled so my eye would heal properly.  Her final call on this 
thing is "we'll see."  She just wouldn't budge.  So, my husband is coming 
with me, and I am putting him in charge of Being Firm About Leaving the Pump 
on and helping me monitor.  I figure I'll need an advocate.  But beyond that, 
I'm wondering what else to prepare for with the pump issue still hovering.  
Look, I'll disconnect for the 15 minutes the surgery proper supposedly takes 
(why??? just to placate them--and to be diplomatic and spare myself their 
worries??) but absolutely I will not leave it off for the whole morning--I 
get there at 6:30 and there will most likely be lots of waiting.  And I'm 
counting on the pump so I can treat the rises I will undoubtedly get from the 
stress.  Now I'm wondering if I should take the time to get this all worked 
out ahead of time.  My feeling is that may stir things up more and backfire.  
I'm thinking now maybe I'll just *hide* the pump and go about my business.  
But what if something strange happens w/the surgery (odds are miniscule, but 
still) . . .

Any advice?  I know many of you have been in similar situations.  
Many thanks, 
Trish, celebrating 1st pumping anniversary w/a dual wave breakfast (grits & 
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