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Re: [IP] Dematonecrobiosis Diabeticorum

In a message dated 7/26/00 5:49:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Okay I don't know what that stands for, but I know
 > what it *is*.  I have a diabetic derma somethin
 > lesion on my shin.  Any of you been successful in
 > having them go away?  Mine started at about 1/2
 > cm^2, and is now 1"X 1.25" (sorry the ruler at my
 > desk is metric-free.)  My new endo seemed shocked
 > that my old dermatologist said nothing could be done
 > and stuck me with topical steroid creams.
 > My dad said that an ace inhibitor he was taking made
 > his go away (T I also.)  I am so sick of it and
 > people asking me how I hurt myself... that and the
 > pager questions/comments.
 > Help please.
To the person who wrote this..
  It is always a trial to have to repetitively answer the same questions and 
comments. No one wants to have to do that. You have a disease that for now 
you are living with for the rest of your life. I have found that most are 
just genuinely concerned and yes some are just plain curious about the box 
hanging at your side. However, the disease you are dealing with affects 
thousands and the chances are pretty good that they already might know 
someone other than you with diabetes or they will eventually have a family 
member who comes down with it in their life time. The way you answer their 
questions could make a difference at sometime in their life. One of the 
biggest reasons you will see that people are frustrated with the general 
public, insurance and drug companies is because of ignorance to the proper 
info. They are the group of people who have a lack of education concerning 
this disease. I try to help my daughter who has had type 1 for the last nine 
years to be positive. If we just get angry and not answer the genuinely 
questions people ask then the longer we will have to do it. We all have to 
learn by asking questions and even if someone makes a remark that is not 
necessarily a nice one we must try to remember it is because of their 
ignorance in understanding why and what is going on with you.  Even the 
stupidest remarks can be handled in such a way from your wealth of knowledge 
in having to deal with this on a daily basis that you can make one realize 
how stupid they look without making yourself look just as stupid. So please, 
just think before you react because what have to say and how you say it could 
make a difference.

mom to Jenna(dx'd in 1992)
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