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[IP] ]skeeters & Ma'ams

> <<  I will never get used to "Ma'am." >>
> To keep this on topic, I will say that skeeters don't bother me much. But
> what I really want to say is that this transplanted Southerner simply
> get used to NOT being called "Ma'am." Nobody ever told me it was a
> term -- they just taught me it was a *polite* one.

Hadn't realized it until this thread, but this year camping I was
bothered/bitten far less than in previous years when my sugar levels were
the ones in charge...thank you, Sylvie the Wonder Pump!  :)

On the "Ma'am" thing...
About fifteen years ago, I was a volunteer helping with a summertime Special
Olympics event in Parkersburg, W.Va.  (For those of you who don't know,
that's down in the half of the state where "Ma'aming" is common courtesy.
Anyway, I was near a table with water cups & a pitcher, & one of the
athletes asked "Ma'am, could you give me some water?"  I poured her a cup &
handed it to here.  She then announced to the world in general that "If
anyone needs a drink, they should come over & ask, because this nice Ma'am
will get it for you!"  I have never since been able to think of it so much
as a term of address as instead a noun, preceeded by "nice".  Things that
make you smile...


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