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[IP] Crummy health care

Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> I got mine second hand seven years ago... If a door keeps getting
> slammed in your face over and over, You just don't care anymore about some
> ambiguous law..
>    Better to investigate why we as a "Superpower" country can't aid our
> people in good health care which forces them to go the back door route in
> the first place. Seems even the most motivated folks are simply ignored.
> Pommy Mommy.
> Jenny S.

Well, lets face it in this country there is a two tier system of health
care. The first tier is for congress and the second tier is for everyone
else. Motivated or not. And the Pols are insulting to those providing the
care. They always give the impression that they are being gypped. Either
thee patients or the doctors are cheating them.  On every Medicaid patient I
saw I had to provide the processing contractor with a copy of the
consultation no matter how personal it wasso they could see if a
consultation was necessary, like those "schtummies" would know! They would
then pay you years later. The cab that brought the patient to my office got
paid from the first dollar right away. The type 2 diabetic patients get a
watered down benefits package as if type 2 were not as serious a dz as type
1. Decisions are made by clerks, not doctors. Processing intermediaries are
allowed to make their own policies which they do to favor themselves. When
doctors would complain they would be targeted for audits and other forms of
reprisals from Medicare. I would hate to see their drug plan. Probably would
only payfor drugs that are older and less effective in the name of saving

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