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[IP] Persistant high bg

Hi, Melissa.

I was surprised by your statement that:

>For the past 7 days my bg have been in the 2-400's.

coupled with:

>... there was really no advice that could have helped get my levels down.

I really don't understand. I've had periods of 2-5 days where my insulin 
requirement skyrockets for no apparent reason. First, I deliver a 
"sick-day" bolus. Then, I check the site. I may decide to change it. If the 
bg doesn't behave normally within a few hours, I then raise basals. I don't 
flinch at doubling a basal, if necessary. Occasionally, it's indeed 
necessary. When the basal goes up, all subsequent boluses generally go up, 
too, by a similar percentage. When my body returns to normal, I'll start to 
have hypos and I'll ratchet down the dose at least as fast as I raised it.

I can't always explain why my body behaves this way, but it's been doing 
this for a *very* long time. What's crucial for me is to react quickly and 
reestablish normal bg. The pump makes such adjustments easy. I can raise 
and lower the dose instantly. I don't need to wait for the NPH or Lente or 
Ultralente to kick in or stop working.

So, unless I'm too sick to act, I can't imagine having uninterrupted 
hyperglycemia for such a long period of time. I'm not a newbie (I've had 
IDDM for over 28 years) and I've had some very serious illnesses. I don't 
believe I've _ever_ had much more than a day of uninterrupted hyperglycemia 
since I was diagnosed. (Yeah, I know, I'm relying on Clinitest results for 
the first 10 years.)

Can you explain a bit further why nothing could be done?

regards, Andy

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