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[IP] Re: confessions

Setting off the pump alarms is teeheemendously creative.  But seriously,
folks, I am just about to run out of insulin and I got to go change my site,
it's becoming insensitive, or infected, or itchy or something.

(anonymous) No name, please. :-)}

>     Hi Everyone,
>     OK, I know its terrible, but I confess, and I want to know if anyone
>else has done this.  Once in a while when I dont want to do something I set
my pump to make the
>alarm go off and then with a surprised look on my face when it does go off,
>I leave to change my site or batteries or whatever.  They dont know the
>different alarms so I use the self check so I have a few secs to be social
>before I excuse myself.
>     Alright, how many of the rest of you have done this? I can't be the
>only one!  Dont leave me hanging.  Whoops, gotta go change those batteries
>or was that an occlusion alarm?  ;o)

>We're probably "THE ONLY ONES" though...... <vbg>
>thinking out loud: Another of those very few reply posts..............

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