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[IP] Lancets for Dinner, Anyone?

A few months ago, I moved a few of my Rx's to a national
mail-order pharmacy.  The scrip's were for a new lancet
device,  B-D Ultrafine II Lancets and control solution.  One
of the "value added" services was an information sheet for
each product, which properly noted the name of the item sent
and which contained the following excerpts - same for all
three items [my editorial comments are noted in brackets]:

"Common Uses:  ..used to treat high blood pressure"
[Presumably all those finger sticks helps to lower the blood
pressure -might help if you check bg's every few minutes.]

"How To Use This Medicine: ..SWALLOW WHOLE.  Do not break,
crush or chew before swallowing."  [A difficult task for all
but the most experienced diabetic lancet device swallowers -
Do I swallow those lancets with the tops on or off?  Can I
wash em down with a little swig of 70/30 or maybe a little
control solution?]

"Cautions:  If you experience dry mouth, use sugarless candy
or gum, or melt bits of ice in your mouth."  [After chewing
a few lancets, a bit of ice would be a good advice.  Don't
think sugarless gum would help after chugging some control

"If you plan on becoming pregnant, discuss the benefits and
risks of using this medicine during pregnancy." [Is that
because the lancets are annoying to the baby or because the
child might grow up to enjoy walking on beds of nails?]

"This medicine is excreted in breast milk." [Ouch--no

"Possible Side Effects:  dry
mouth..dizziness..headache..constipation."  [I should think

"If side effects are bothersome, check with your doctor."
[Perhaps the ER would be better!]

When I called the pharmacy, customer service rep asked what
the problem was with the instructions [duh!].  A letter to
the firm's management, however, got their attention -
imagine the lawsuits if someone tried to ingest the control
solution thinking that it would control their
bg's.....Pharmacy has since corrected the "helpful"
information sheet.  I couldn't believe that this would
actual have been sent to a patient!

Pump Daddy

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