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Re: [IP] MM infusion sets

<original post--part>
<MM would probably never consider reducing their prices on their
supplies or repackaging to reduce the excess tubing, it is to profitable
for them to sell it the way they have it now.>

Hi Sandi,

You may be right, but they surely won't do so if we don't complain about
it! That's why Bonnie and I (and I hope some others??!) wrote our first
letters and then the follow up with the extra sets of tubing as an

Look, do you think they want unhappy customers? I don't think so. It's
to their advantage (read: profit!) to keep us happy--there are other
games in town...

I'm more optimistic (and also originally from outside NYC...perhaps a
bit of it rubbed off! I can be rather persistent if the cause is
just...). But it would help if more folks joined in and wrote letters!



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