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Re: [IP] MM infusion sets

On 27 Jul 00, at 22:18, George Lovelace wrote:

On 27 Jul 00, at 7:14, Sandi Pope wrote:

> MM would probably never consider reducing their prices
> on their supplies or repackaging to reduce the excess
> tubing, it is to profitable for them to sell it the
> way they have it now.  As far as the FDA regulating
> the way they package their supplies, that sounds like
> a good excuse to me.  Their packaging doesn't
> guarantee customers will change their sites appropriately.
Why do we assume that it is just the profit motive of Minimed or 
Disetronic that keeps the tubing packaged with at least every other 
set?   The following article was in the latest PumpWorld newsletter 
from Disetronic.

    In the previous issue, we incorrectly presented information 
    about the use of the Tender II. The manufacturer recommends 
    changing the base unit and the tubing every 72 hours.

You notice that it says "the manufacturer recommends".  So this 
may not be the profit conspiracy of Minimed and Disetronic. It may 
go to the manufacturer of all the sets, Tender/Comfort/Silhouettes, 
and that is Maersk.


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