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Re: [IP]Question About MM Cont. Glucose Meter

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Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: [IP]Question About MM Cont. Glucose Meter

> Hi Everybody!
> Should your infusion set be in any certain place?  And are you still
able to
> take baths and showers while wearing this? Also could you change
your set
> during the 3 days that it is in place?
Having used the CGM back in Feb, I found the following. You can put
your pump set anywhere you normally would. The CGM will be placed near
it, about 2 inches away, not too critical.

For showers and baths you put the CGM in a baggie that can hang around
your neck or anywhere out of the water spray or the tub. PITA, but
minor considering what you learn after it is downloaded and analysed.
If you mean your pump set, yes you can change it if it is due, but you
are better off to start a new set when you go on the CGM and not
change until the 72 hours are up (that is if you can get that long
from a set). You just have to be sure to code everything into the CGM
and keep complete notes.

Yoy should get sever pages of instructions about coding, etc. I got
enough useful info from the meter to change my insulin routine and
avoid going low immediatly after every meal. H works faster on me than
food metabolization does. Noe bolus after meals, and use square wave
much more.

Good luck and best wishes,


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