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[IP] Mad Kt2 Kidney Question


    Last month my dr informed me that I had micro (??) something in my
Meaning, protein. He put me on accupril. I returned a month later and no
proteins. So, I'm to keep taking accupril.
    Does anyone have advise on medications? What about how long I've got
before I'm on dialysis? What's the normal time frame of deterioration? And
what happens then? How long can you go on dialysis? At this point, I feel
like I've got a few years before life is hell. I'm 34. What's my chances of
making it to 60?
 Probably microalbuminuria. I had that many years and started 15 years ago
on Enalapril (An Ace Inhibitor) While the microalbuminuria is still with me
my kidneys are working at about 75% of normal capacity. I've had betes for37
years I'm 63 now. When I was 26 my doc told me I'd be dead by 54. Ironically
he died at 54 of a brain tumor. I'd take good care of yourself. Stay on the
accupril. I'm hoping to never go on dialysis. Watch your A1c and blood
pressure. Pumping helps. Your chances of getting to 60 are great. Keep your
BP down and A1c down. My first real complications didn't occur until I was
40. Spot and Christine

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