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[IP] Re: Kids, pumps and camp


Sadly, most smaller camps(and some larger ones..camp Joslin two years ago 
comes to mind) really aren't equipped to handle insulin pumps. My solution 
has been to volunteer as a counselor in a different group than the ones my 
children have been assigned to. I've done some pump education with the staff 
on an as needed basis. We also have student nurses who help and I sat with 
the one assigned to my son and gave her a very good lesson in pumps. 
Hopefully she takes what I've told her back with her and passes it along.  I 
even told her that if she EVER works in an ER and a person with D comes in, 
they should get permission to call their endos and follow the instructions 
they're given and to NOT remove their insulin pumps, if they have one.

JDF would have very little say in a camp run by private sources.Ours is 
United Way funded and the JDF and ADA have no say. They can voluntarily 
follow the guidelines, but cannot be forced to. Our camp reserves the right 
to turn children away for behavioral or safety issues.

Your friends should be greatful the nurse was honest enough to admit her 
ignorance and not risk harming their child. If volunteering is an option, 
they should in some capacity next year.They may allow the child to stay while 
at the same time having what we call at our camp a 'teachable moment". I know 
alot of people at our camp were very nervous about Chris' pump last year, but 
this year they also had two other kids with pumps there. Part of this is just 
fear of the unknown and sometimes allowing people to learn is the best route.

Hope this helps,

Mary DeMello
Chris 10 dx'd @4, pump 2 years
Angela 11 dx'd @ 9,
Jay 13, and Liz 15

In a message dated 07/21/2000 3:06:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Subject: [IP] Can you believe this!! - pumper turned away from D camp
 Just received this from a friend with a five year old who just started 
 pumping a few weeks ago......UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!
 Well Steve, if you think your ice king issue was large.....listen to 
 Jake, Peter & I went to orientation for a diabetes camp that Jake 
 would be attending on Mon.  It is run by the Lion's club & held at 
 Friends Academy in Locust Valley (long island, NY).  The 
 orientation was going great until the "Nurse" started telling us 
 about how to send the syringes, etc.  At that point, I asked her if 
 there were any other kids who would be attending on the pump. 
 She looked at me as if she were really seeing Jimmy Hoffa!!  She 
 said in a shaking voice "oh no, I don't do pumps"  I actually thought 
 she was kidding.  Well, unfortunately, she was not kidding.  
 Hmmm...what a story that would be...a diabetes camp which does 
 not take children with diabetes.  Do you think this is an issue for 
 JDF to address?  My son and one other boy who is 10 left there 
 feeling quite badly!  They were the only 2 pumpers in the group.  
 Jake was supposed to start camp on Monday...I guess not! Peter 
 is at this moment on the phone with my brother the lawyer....I am 
 trying to calm him down once again!!! If you have any  
 ideas....let me know! Carolyn
 Any help here???
 Steve Winer >>
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