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[IP] Kidney Problems


The Diabetes Portal is great site for information on
kidney disease. The creator of the site Deb
Butterfield  experienced kidney disease herself and
has written a book Show Down With Diabetes. I don't
have kidney disease, but do have retinopathy and found
it to be very informative and empowering. Other wards,
the book isn't a totally depressing read. 


I wish you the best.

Andrea Seitz

>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:19:44 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Kidney Problems
>    Last month my dr informed me that I had micro
>something in my urine. 
>Meaning, protein. He put me on accupril. I returned a

>month later and no 
>proteins. So, I'm to keep taking accupril.
>    Does anyone have advise on medications? What
>how long I've got 
>before I'm on dialysis? What's the normal time frame 
>of deterioration? And 
>what happens then? How long can you go on dialysis?
>this point, I feel 
>like I've got a few years before life is hell. I'm
>What's my chances of 
>making it to 60?
>    Katie (email @ redacted)
>P.S. Hello to any of the old timers here. Sarah, you 
>still around? Got your 
>ducks in a row? Who else? Jim from Houston. And of 
>course, Michael.

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