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Re: [IP] skeeters

I too have always been plagued by mosquitoes. Never associated it to the big 
D tho. I just never go outside and stay out without first putting on Deep 
woods Off.  Sue (dalgal)

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>Subject: [IP] skeeters
>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 08:23:20 -0400
>      Just to ad my two cents.  Both my mom and I are Type 1 amd most of 
>      time those mosquitos ignore us completely. Even if my sugars have 
>      high. If we do get bit, no swelling. YMMV. Both mom and I are
>      typically cold unless it's above 80F. My husband (not diabetic) is 
>      hot unless it's 70 or below and is warm even then. He appears to them
>      as the "all you can eat buffet" and swells up big time. I always
>      though it had to do with body temp? Could be wrong.
>      Brooke
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