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[IP] Kidney Problems

    Last month my dr informed me that I had micro (??) something in my urine. 
Meaning, protein. He put me on accupril. I returned a month later and no 
proteins. So, I'm to keep taking accupril.
    Does anyone have advise on medications? What about how long I've got 
before I'm on dialysis? What's the normal time frame of deterioration? And 
what happens then? How long can you go on dialysis? At this point, I feel 
like I've got a few years before life is hell. I'm 34. What's my chances of 
making it to 60?
    Katie (email @ redacted)
P.S. Hello to any of the old timers here. Sarah, you still around? Got your 
ducks in a row? Who else? Jim from Houston. And of course, Michael.
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