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Re: [IP] Skeeters

Mosquitos won't bite me thank goodness. Just the other day there was
suppose to be a big nad playing in  one of the parks in New York City but
the mosquito that carries the West Nile virus were seen so the whole thing
was cancelled and blocked off and the place was sprayed overnight so I am
wondering if this virus isn't so bad what the big deal was about they
didn't want humans around. Maybe we aren't being told the while truth about
Which it would have stayed out of this country.
Oh well...just sharing some interesting news..
And I am type I and mosquitos hate me..maybe it is the other health
problems I have that they can sense who knows. On the other hand my hubby
and youngest daughter get asthma attacks from mosquitos. Thankfully where
we live here in the mountains they are not real common-whew!
email @ redacted

At 09:28 AM 07/27/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I know that skeeters find their targets by sniffing out the CO2 around
>peoples they want to bite. I guess with more glucose we give off more CO2
>therefore a tastier meal. I notice the same phenomenon they always bite me
>the most. Benedryl helps with the itching. West Nile is usually fairly
>benign in people although fatal in birds and cavi. At one time it was
>considered as an agent in biological warfare. It does give nasty headaches
>and stiff neck. Probably does not occur in Brooklyn Sara. Very few things
>can live there and flourish. Spot and Christine

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