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Re: [IP] Thyroid question (long)

I was diagnosed hypothyroid just a few months ago.  I have been on Levothroid now for weeks and will have my dose upped sometime this next week when I go to see the Endo. 
I had a horrible time getting diagnosed.  Luckily I had just switch medical plans and doctors a few months ago and the new GP I saw agreed to test me for thyroid problems again and again.  Don't just let them do the TSH.  They should do all the panel.  T4, T3, TPO.....
I had been having symptoms for years now.  Hair thinning to the point I hated to brush it.  An enormous weight gain in the past three years, that even with diet and exercise I could not get it off.  Sleeping anywhere from 12-15 hours straight and being tired again and having to take a nap in 2 hours of awakening.  What was thought to be psoriasis all over my hands and having to have cortisone injections in my fingers because they were so bad.  My skin was always itchy.  Feet and hands always felt ice cold.  I couldn't stand the heat at all.  Puffiness in my eyes and hands upon awakening (since I was 19-20 years of age).  I couldn't lift my hands above my head in the past year it was so painful and difficult, I just didn't have the strength.  I wasn't hungry and my Bgs were through the roof and no matter what happened I could not get them down.   What appeared to be gastroparesis was diagnosed, and I was terribly depressed.  I finally found out when I developed tendonitis in my wrist (this feels like neuropathy) and hand and had to be seen repeatedly for it.
My HgA1c went to 6.8, then 7.8, and 8.3 and finally 9.3 after being 6.3 over the past twenty years and pumping in just a few months time.  When the medical assist told me my HgA1c was high after I called for the results I told her I want to see all my other results and she booked an appointment for me instead.  I let into the doctor for not calling me sooner with this result.  He went through all my test results and told me that my Creatinine was high also and when him about the thyroid he said it was high borderline.  I told him I didn't think I should wait to be treated while more problems had developed, so he sent me to an Endo.  HE put me on the thyroid meds right away but it took about 3 weeks before I finally felt better.  The Endo told me after getting my records from the past physician that I had been  borderline hypo for years and should have been treated.
I am starting to feel tired all over again so I know I need some adjusting to the meds.  All of the symptoms that I had that were suppose to be diabetes complications have disappeared except the gastro, and the tendonitis.  Thyroid symptoms often mimic diabetes complications.  Bgs are normal and I feel so much more alive.  They tell me that they hope the rest of the problems I have will also disappear in time after I am totally regulated.