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[IP] Dematonecrobiosis Diabeticorum

Okay I don't know what that stands for, but I know
> what it *is*.  I have a diabetic derma somethin
> lesion on my shin.  Any of you been successful in
> having them go away?  Mine started at about 1/2
> cm^2, and is now 1"X 1.25" (sorry the ruler at my
> desk is metric-free.)  My new endo seemed shocked
> that my old dermatologist said nothing could be done
> and stuck me with topical steroid creams.
> My dad said that an ace inhibitor he was taking made
> his go away (T I also.)  I am so sick of it and
> people asking me how I hurt myself... that and the
> pager questions/comments.
> Help please.

A skin lesion we may all get. Goes away with ACE inhibitors. Often looks
ugly and is hard to cover up with makeup.
I had it on my arm and used my dau's cover-up make up on it. Shins are the
usual first place it appears. Whenever my wife gets any visible lesion she
always says "Andy did that to me"
I tell people that my pump is an insulin pump, I have diabetes and they
generally don't ask any other questions. If they ask other questions I
usually tell 'em its none of their business. Spot and Christine

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