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Re: [IP] NLD

> Okay I don't know what that stands for, but I know what it *is*.  I have a
diabetic derma somethin lesion on my shin.  Any of you been successful in
having them go away?  Mine started at about 1/2 cm^2, and is now 1"X 1.25"
(sorry the ruler at my desk is metric-free.)  My new endo seemed shocked
that my old dermatologist said nothing could be done and stuck me with
topical steroid creams.

NLD is Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum...try to say THAT three times
fast!  :)  I won't guarantee my spelling, either.  From what I understand,
it basically (medical people, don't beat me if this is too basic...only if
I'm off-base, please) means little areas of skin tissue that, as a charming
side effect of diabetes, have sort of "given up the ghost".  A few threads
have run about it in the past year that should be available in the
archives - most people seem to indicate that they were told there's not
really a cure for this condition, but there are some suggested treatments to
ease it somewhat.  My doctor pretty much told me that there's not a lot she
can do about it besides have me use topical creams & possibly neosporin on
it, but that she would give me a dermatologist referral if needed.  Since
that issue went on the back burner here when the "trigger thumb" started
happening, I haven't really done anything else about it yet...can't wait to
tell my insurance that I'm thinking about adding one more "-ist" to my
roster of medical personel!  :)


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