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[IP] Type 2's & insulin - Jan

> << since the doc is
>  sure she's Type 2, he won't consider insulin >>
> Gee, Sammi
> Steroids aside (prednisone is a steroid and they do raise your BGs), I'm a
> type 2 and I even pump insulin! About 40- to 50 percent of type 2s do use
> insulin.


I know...I keep referencing that kind of fact, but she's got a lot of faith
in this doc - *sigh*  He & I are not destined to see eye to eye on this at
all.  His program is to keep trying oral meds (three years since dx, & more
different kinds of pills than I couls even begin to count), try to keep her
on a strict meal schedule (hah!), & have her simply "not eat" whenever her
numbers are high.  His argument is kind of representative of the "old
school" he comes from...& something I haven't managed to overcome yet, armed
with info though I may be.  Still - I've been her daughter a lot longer than
he's been her doctor, so I'm convinced I'll find SOME way to pull rank here!

Not giving up the fight (& glad to know you are out there as a Type 2 who's
on a more effective program...there's hope in that!),

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