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Re: [IP] ignoring Type II diabetes


All you can do is "walk away" with love.....  And that is much easier said than

To some people having to deal with something is more difficult than the
consequences of not dealing with it....   The thought "life happens" vs. I
couldn't fix it, so "I'm a failure" comes to mind.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have a friend/acquaintance who was dx'd with Type II 4 years ago after an
> eye exam revealed diabetic retinopathy.  She was checked by a family
> physician who told her she was a Type II diabetic, but she did not return to
> the Dr. and has refused to admit she has a problem.  Her brother (age 41) is
> now in a wheel chair due to neuropathy..he too has ingnored his Type II
> diabetes.  She has a long history of type II in her family.  She tells me she's
> "fine....feels okay,....doesn't have diabetes, etc."  I've tried to get her to
> let me check her blood glucose but she says she doesn't need to.    She
> dismisses my concerns.  I've pretty
> much given up at this point, because she seems to get annoyed with me about
> it.
> She's 43 with a long awaited newly adopted daughter who is now 2 years old.
> What can ya do with people like this?  I've even spoken with her husband
> about it, but he says he can't do anything with her.
> Liz
> dx'd Type I 1993
> MM pump since 11/99

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