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[IP] Site absorption problems

Hello everyone! Just have a quick question. I put my sil in late last night
in my upper abdomen, above the waistline, hoping to avoid absorption probs,
as I had been having the most success using my lower abs and thighs. Even
tried the upper buttocks area once, though the twisting and not seeing well
was a problem, for me anyway. Anyway, this morning I tested at 303!!!
Bolused 4 units, and 3 hrs later was at 161. Usually I will drop 50 for 1
unit, so was hoping that 4 units would have brought me down to like 103! I'm
not skinny-minnie, but also don't have a lot of excess layers up there. So,
should I waste that new cannula and place the site elsewhere? Thanks for any
or all imput!
    Rosemary K

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