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[IP] New endo


  I finally have a new endo now that I'm settling into life in GA and one
who listens to me. I even have a CDE who's going to help me find ways to
cope with my site allergies (gonna try sandwhiching) and try a set that
works. My A1C this week was only 4.7 and until I find a Pixie-friendly set I
have a yellow light for trying to concieve (also have amenorhea that the
endo's investigating). I will be trained with a softserter and softsets to
use in my abdomen (they say I have enough subQ tissue there) as they think
the problem may not be being a vein/capillary roadmap but simply using the
wrong length rapid or type of set. They are actually going to provide me
with a softserter and once we find a set that works in my belly and doesn't
blow out, then I'll get a prescription for my supplies. I feela bit hpeful
and glad I'm finally getting the pump education I really need as sets were
never really gone over and I simply was pushed towards using what my former
CDE used and thught would work best for me (and bad experiments with other
sets that were equally frustrating). But I will eventually be using my belly
for sites, I hope, starting this Friday:) I look fwd to less lows in the
30's and soreness, my arms need a break so they can heal. The new Dr and
endo are also treating me for my allergies so I feel better all around.


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