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[IP] Feeling lkike a smackedA.. [Long]

Sharon wrote
> It's these type of posts that make people feel
> Unwelcome here.

Spot and Christine opine: No one should consider a post differing from their
view as a personal attack. Basically we all belong to the same fraternity or
sorority or club and although none of us wanted membership its something we
all have to deal with. If we can make life a it better for each other,
that's why we are here. When we snarl at each other it makes the other less
verbal members of this community afraid to "talk" here and that is something
we don't want (speaking for the more big mouthed members). Good relations
are necessary and talking things out often solves many more problems than
can be imagined. With the UN, many more conflicts were avoided by talking
stuff out. Sometimes actually speaking to one another in a private exchange
off list is better than doing it here. Doing dirty laundry in the off List
Diabetes Laundry Room is better than on List. Private personal things should
always be conducted off List. Lots of readers are lurkers because they do
not want to be attacked and they feel they don't know enough to post. None
of us blabbermouths intend that. Sara Smarty Pants can defend herself .
Above all attacking  anyone personally on or off list is not good Netiquette
and is untherapeutic as well as counterproductive. Just my $0.02 FWIW (I
guess not much)

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