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[IP] Test strips & Insurance

In a message dated 7/16/2000 9:15:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 >>>  Right now the insurance people say I should only have
 200 strips per month (that's only 6.45 tests per day) 
 My lousy *&^%#! [insert unprintable words] allows 3 strips/day.  Three!  
 I  >>

Dear pumper friends, 

I was just wondering if it's common for test strips to be covered by 
insurance.  My insurance company does not pay for any  test strips, insulin, 
etc.   They finally agreed, after many calls from me and MiniMed, to cover 
the cost of my pump supplies, but only after I've met $1000. deductible.    
It costs me $3 to $4 a day for strips.  

Type I dx'd 1993, MM 11/99
Live in Ohio which does not have legislation forcing insur. Co. to cover 
diabetic needs

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