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[IP] pinching for insertion

Santanam states she doesn't pinch for the Softserter. I do not either. I do
pinch for the sil however. If you insert at the point that the skin is
tented up by the pinch it will go in at exactly the correct angle. To prove
it, Pinch up some skin and put the sil into the end of the flab.after it is
in about 1/3 of the way, let go and the sil will make an angle of about 10
to 20 degrees with the flat part of you skin.I generally leave the skin
pinched and push the sil in up to the hilt aiming towards the top of the
skin mound. If you pinch real hard The pinching pain confuses the brain and
makes insertion virtually painless. The design of the softsets seem not to
require pinching. Spot and Christine. Has anyone seen the Distronic
insertion kit used to demonstrate insertion technique. A rep was at our pump
meeting the other evening and showed the new sils they have with this kit.

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