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Re: [IP] interpreting the IPers

At 05:48 AM 7/26/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Dear Sara:
 >    Well said - as always - but in such a "mild mannered mode" that I had to
 >check & make sure it really was from you!! For all the "newbies" who don't
 >know Sara's(Urtasef)  brand of humor yet, rest assured that there are no
 >personal attacks intended. Sara is one of many "colorful" characters aboard
 >this ever-expanding "Pump Bandwagon", each of whom adds spice and variety to
 >what would otherwise be an untenable & frustrating experience.

Colorful characters?? Most of us seem to come only in the same old boring, 
shades of brown (from light to dark). I tried a complete green dye job, but 
that didn't last very long. <vbg>

Yes, Sara is unique here... watch out, though... don't get on the dark side 
of her Force. She tells it like she sees it. She's even starting to talk 
like a native New Yorker! Not like an old southern girl at all, y'all. :-)

(from Oregon, but born many ages ago in NYC)

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