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Re: [IP] Mixing Allergy Meds & Diabetes?

Hi Sammi.  I had recent experience with Claratin and something probably close 
to Prednizone which I think is a steroid.  If I'm wrong, just skip down to 
Claratin.  Steroid first--I had an evil sinus infection that would not leave 
so finally went to an ENT who gave me a giant syringe full of steroids.  I 
asked what the effect on my BG would be--she said it would make it go up a 
little.  A little--ha!!!  After a nightmarish few days during which I 
eventually more than doubled my basals along with extra boluses, things 
settled down.  Later I told my endo about this, who said, why didn't you call 
me (why didn't I? I'm not used to having a good endo yet).  He said he would 
have told me  to start by doubling the basals and so extra monitoring, etc.  
This was an injection--so probably way different, but I would *certainly* 
call her doc (in this case I'd also call a real endo . . . golly, I think our 
Moms have the same doctor)  before she starts taking the stuff.  I've had a 
similar reaction with a cortisone injection in my wrist for carpal 
tunnel--was told it would "stay local" and not effect my BG.  Wrong, wrong, 

Claratin:  had a nasty mystery rash after some intense hiking in Italy--maybe 
some sort of plant problem, not poison ivy.  Went around to various 
pharmacies rolling up my sleeves and saying "per favore, Calamine lotion"  
which is evidently unknown in Italy.  Lots of mysterious unguents were 
produced, all very interesting but none of which worked.  I went through a 
lot of lire before finally I got some Claratin (which BTW is shockingly cheap 
over there) and it helped, and seemed to have no effect on my BG.  It did 
make me very thirsty, so I drank extra litres of acqua minerale.  When I got 
back, I was given Hydroxyzine 25 mg tabs.  It worked the best, but is only 
for night, because it knocked me out cold.  

I found that baths in colloidal oatmeal helped alot too, and were very 
interesting to my dogs, who kept trying to drink my baths.

I have lots of allergies and have noticed that if I just suffer through them, 
not wanting to take antihistamines, I seem to need a bit more insulin.  But 
if I take my half a benadryl twice a day, my dosage seems to go down a 
little.  I haven't looked at this consistently enough to prove it, but my 
feeling is there's a connection somewhere.  

Sorry to go on and on.  I'd love to hear other posts on this subject, as I 
have poison ivy in my yard and would like to clear it out, but so far am 
scared of it.  If anyone's replying just to Sammi would you mind shooting me 
a copy?

Trish, dx age 10, pushin' 40, about to celebrate a year of pumping

In a message dated 7/26/0 8:02:55 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:46:01 -0400
>From: "Vixen" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Mixing Allergy Meds & Diabetes?
>Good Morning!
>For once I've got a simple (I hope!) question, instead of a lengthy response
>to someone!  :)
>My mom (theoretically a Type 2...we'll see) was out enthusiastically
>weed-whacking in her yard the other day & lost a mighty battle with some
>poison ivy - she has extremely bad allergic reactions to it.  Her doctor
>called her in prescriptions for Prednizone & Claratin.  I've got a friend
>who has been a long-time user of these, so I'm familiar with them...but
>she is not diabetic, I don't have any real info to go on as far as effects
>on blood sugar levels go.  Anyone out there with experience...what might
>expect here?  She is on oral meds (currently diabinase, I think...they
>changing her because nothing seems entirely effective - but since the doc
>sure she's Type 2, he won't consider insulin, & she won't consider another
>doctor, as he's helped her through numerous other ills for years), & when
>her sugar level is high, she doesn't eat until it comes down.  Are the
>allergy meds something that will potentially raise her BG levels & keep
>up?  I want to let her know the possibilities, in hopes that she's not
>to starve herself waiting for a low meter reading that's not going to
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