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[IP] Thanks, Renee

>   SNIP>>>>>    And now..time to hop off the soapbox and the bandwagon!
> Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump mom)<<<<<<SNIP
	Renee, thanks for doing something I wanted to do, and you did it so
well.   Add your own name to the list of wise and wonderful pumpers/pumpers
families who respond so well to questions and concerns of other pumpers.
Sara (userta) would never intentionally hurt anyone here.....her wisdom and
wierdness and wackiness, bring me so much pleasure - I always have a smile
on my face when I read her posts and always say "right on! Sara!"

	Sara in Brooklyn????? Jeez.  I am absolutely jealous that so many of
you have managed to meet and personally get to know each other.   No one
comes to Huntsville, Alabama, not that I blame them.  Spot's daughter (who
lives here) is due to have twins several days ago, so I might get a chance
to meet he and his wife and Christine....that will be wonderful.    

	So, to anyone on this list, who might get to this town, please let's
meet for a cup of coffee or whatever.  Call me at work (256-382-1188, Ext
1141) or home (256-464-9595) and I would love to meet you.  
	And Thanks again, Renee. 
	Bonnie Richardson

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