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Re: [IP] Tape goo

On 26 Jul 00, at 7:49, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 7/25/00 11:15:52 PM email @ redacted writes:
> << Someone mentioned a product called Unisolve?  Where do you get this at? I 
>  saw someone mention MiniMed, but I do not see it in their online store.

> I bought Unisolve (which look similar to alchohol swabs) at a pharmacy.  I 
> called around until I found one that carried it.  They are expensive though.  
> It cost me over $16 for 50 pads.
>    Marilyn

Unisolve is mentioned on Minimed's "Tape Tips" page


"If the irritation appears wherever the tape touches the skin, you may be 
sensitive to the tape's adhesive or material. Removing tape adhesive from 
the skin with a product made for this purpose may ease the irritation 
(Unisolve, comes in packs of fifty applicator pads, Smith and Nephew 
United, 800-876-1261)"


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