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[IP] Mixing Allergy Meds & Diabetes?

Good Morning!

For once I've got a simple (I hope!) question, instead of a lengthy response
to someone!  :)

My mom (theoretically a Type 2...we'll see) was out enthusiastically
weed-whacking in her yard the other day & lost a mighty battle with some
poison ivy - she has extremely bad allergic reactions to it.  Her doctor
called her in prescriptions for Prednizone & Claratin.  I've got a friend
who has been a long-time user of these, so I'm familiar with them...but as
she is not diabetic, I don't have any real info to go on as far as effects
on blood sugar levels go.  Anyone out there with experience...what might Mom
expect here?  She is on oral meds (currently diabinase, I think...they keep
changing her because nothing seems entirely effective - but since the doc is
sure she's Type 2, he won't consider insulin, & she won't consider another
doctor, as he's helped her through numerous other ills for years), & when
her sugar level is high, she doesn't eat until it comes down.  Are the
allergy meds something that will potentially raise her BG levels & keep them
up?  I want to let her know the possibilities, in hopes that she's not going
to starve herself waiting for a low meter reading that's not going to


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