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Re: [IP] interpreting the IPers

Dear Sara:
    Well said - as always - but in such a "mild mannered mode" that I had to 
check & make sure it really was from you!! For all the "newbies" who don't 
know Sara's(Urtasef)  brand of humor yet, rest assured that there are no 
personal attacks intended. Sara is one of many "colorful" characters aboard 
this ever-expanding "Pump Bandwagon", each of whom adds spice and variety to 
what would otherwise be an untenable & frustrating experience. Knowing that 
if my 17 yr old daughter encounters a pump problem I can post it here & get 
input from "Doc/Pump Mom" Nancy" or a helpful hint from CDE Barb or witty 
humor from Sam or insightful sermonizing from Rev. Randall or a technical 
explanation from webmaster/engineer Michael or a wise analysis from "teacher 
Sammi" is what keeps me so "attached" ( feeble attempt at humor here, NOT 
being a pumper) to the Pumpers group. 
   Melissa is busy being 17 - thankfully - working, baby-sitting, 
socializing, prepping for SATs, planning college visits, etc- awakening with 
a GLORIOUS 104 blood sugar this morning, "high-five-ing" me & saying "what a 
team we are".....which is "as good as it gets" in my book, DESPITE dealing 
with diabetes (including the fact that she already underwent a kidney biopsy 
2 1/2 years ago & takes 10 mg of Vasotec daily, so we are WELL aware of the 
"could bes")...Although she doesn't frequent IP, she has started a Thursday 
night Teen chat at the Diabetes Station (arranged prior to Teen chats 
starting here) & has a local teen Support group that meets every 6 wks, 
resuming in the fall. Since I relate significant IP posts to her regularly, I 
feel as if she is benefitting from the collective wisdom of the group by 
    So - to the newcomers, I say: with rare exceptions, those who take the 
time to post here are NOT doing so to do harm, but rather to lighten the load 
through whatever means available ( wry humor, sermons, technical info, etc) 
for all who live with diabetes- whether directly, or "by proxy" for us pumper 
parents/significant others, etc. who use what we glean here to help our loved 
ones to optimize their health & lifestyle choices.
    And last - but certainly not least - after hearing about all of Sara's 
reunions with IPers in "real time", I'm delighted to say that I had the 
pleasure of meeting "Spot" (aka Andy Bender) and his wife Janet and his pump 
"Christine" (the "other" woman in his life) at the JDF WALK kickoff luncheon 
yesterday. They are NOT "cyber ax-murderers" (as my non-Internet friends 
always worry), but a lovely couple who are still involved with empowering 
those newly dx'd & those who have lived with diabetes for decades. I also had 
a chance to introduce Andy to our former chapter president, who was not only 
celebrating his 50th bday, but also marking his 40th anniversary of having 
      And now..time to hop off the soapbox and the bandwagon!

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump mom)
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