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[IP] Anyone taking Aygestin?

Hi all,

Got a new Rx from my gyno for 5 mg, 2x day of Aygestin that is supposed to 
help an ovarian cyst heal.  He described it as one of the hormones typically 
used in birth control pills.  He didn't know what effect it would have on bgs.

So today I filled it and the pharmacy puts a warning sticker on it that says, 
"If you have diabetes, this medicine may change your blood sugar."  I call 
back the pharmacist, who looked to be all of 20 years old, and asked him if 
the change was expected to be up or down for bgs.  He didn't know either.

So I thought I'd ask the folks who do have some answers, my buddies on the IP 
list. Has anyone taken this drug here?  Anything to be concerned about?  Do 
anything to your bgs?

Thanks so much for listening,
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