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[IP] interpretation

Sharon wrote
> It's these type of posts that make people feel 
> UNwelcome here. 

actually, it is all in how you choose to read something.  If you choose to 
see what I or someone else posts to the general list as an attack, whether 
directed at you or someone else, then i can't control that.  However, nothing 
I personally write is meant as an attack. I tend to take my flames directly 
to the person I want to yell at, though if someone chooses to flame ME in 
public, then I have been known to publically defend myself.  

You chose to see the line in denise's post that said 
> My sugars are getting more stable and "normal" as I work 
> with the pump, not against it...." 

whereas, my post was directed at her FIRST sentence:
> I never thought I would be a pump user. The thought of giving 
> up control really frightened me.

You, and others new on the list, might be surprised to learn how many people, 
including medical professionals  really DO feel like the pump is this magic 
thing that is going to "take control" of the diabetes.  My own mother still 
asks me..."is your pump doing okay?" as if the pump doing "okay" has any 
bearing on what my blood sugar is....the pump can't control if I have 
neglected to test for 6 hours, or if i have been lazy and not refilled my 
cartridge and gotten to a no-delivery!

Back in April Roselea wrote:
>  as my endo's pump educator told me,
>  "[pumps] all do the same thing, control blood sugar".

As I wrote then, pumps do NOT control the bg.  WE do.   same as when we were 
on shots...the pump is just a different, albeit more efficient and accurate, 
method of getting insulin into our body.  Pumps allow us to control our blood 
sugar, and facilitate the infusion of the insulin so we dont have to poke a 
needle in our skin 4-6 times a day.  When we put too much trust in someone or 
someTHING else, then we relinquish control (no...I am not getting religious 
here...I will save THAT for the religion board...LOL<vbg>)

We need to remember, that there ARE people out there with excellent control, 
so-called "perfect" a1cs, no complications...using old fashioned MDI

So, regarding my post, it wasnt meant as an attack on Denise...I was making a 
general observation on her first sentence.  if someone takes that as a 
personal attack, then they must be reading in a defensive mode.  I might 
recommend deleting posts written by me if one is overly sensitive.  Besides 
if Denise felt attacked, and I hope she didn't, i am sure she is adult enough 
to stand up for herself.

Everyone just has to learn to read with a smile on their face.  I personally 
don't see the A1c thread as a "battle!"  I find it wonderfully 
educational...I can only hope that the medical professionals I pay so much 
money to _really_ know what in the heck it measures, and use it 

I *personally* think it is a less important number than my daily numbers...If 
I wake up consistently between 110 and 150, and at my periodic 4 am checks I 
am also in that range, then I KNOW I am doing a great job with my night time 
basals, and that is the most important one, in my opinion. 

NYC Sara...no i can't say that anymore...I am moving to BROOKLYN!!!  gag!!!
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